May 12, 2016

10 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Food Photos

Below are some of the tips Denise is excited to share at the Orlando Food & Wine Conference this weekend (May 13-15). We hope to see you there!

10 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Food Photos

Every picture tells a story; who is the hero of your story? Is it the chicken? The tableware? The tabletop environment? What is the story you are trying to tell?

Shoot square or portrait oriented photos. Don’t crop photos into other formats as they won’t display well in the Instagram app.

Turn the grid feature on in your camera app. This divides the photo into thirds horizontally and into thirds vertically and will help you compose your photo.

Shoot in natural light, preferably not in direct sunlight. Never use the flash as it will result in a harsh image that no amount of editing can fix.

Look for highlights. Light reflecting off liquids like soups, sauces and dressings adds dimension and life to photos.

When composing your photo, use well-defined shapes and colors to create a point (or several points) of interest.

Get close to your food and let the background fall out of focus. This emphasizes the part of the photo that is in focus: the food.

Try different props. Take a few minutes to add or delete napkins, utensils, wine glasses, and other elements until your composition is pleasing without being cluttered. Remove distractions and pay attention to what’s in the background. Move or remove anything that confuses the eye and takes away attention from the subject of your photo.

Move your camera for a different point of view. Walk around, bend down, or stand on tiptoes to see your subject from different angles.

Don’t go overboard on filters. Instagram has 27 filters but few benefit food. 
Ludwig increases the warmth and so works well with most foods.
 Amaro and Toaster brighten dark photos and add life. They can sometimes add too much contrast though, so be careful. 
Rise softens images and adds a nice glow. Unfortunately, it will mute vibrant colors.
 X-Pro 11, Lo-Fi and Hefe can add drama if your photo is lacking depth and color.

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