Sep 3, 2015

Gin & Tonics & the Last Days of Summer

I am currently in Greece. Beautiful, warm Mykonos to be exact.  I am obviously trying to stretch my summer. Summer is lazy compared to fall. And sometimes, I am plain lazy. Fall is much more ambitious as it demands warmer food, warmer drinks and when I go out I have to remember annoying things, like sweaters.

I know no one thinks LA has weather or seasons, but we do. It's been hot but clear here. Blue skies and warm nights. The August heat wave had me inviting friends later in the day and instead of a glass of wine, serving cold, brisk gin and tonics. 

I like gin. I like the flavor of botanicals and I have found a new favorite: Hayman's. Not too expensive and I can taste juniper berries. With that flavor on my tongue, I decided to add rosemary ice cubes to the cocktail. I have a rosemary bush and a funny, long ice cube mold. I went to work. I used bottled water to make the ice cubes,  because I could.  If you're going fancy, do it.

I'm not going to give you a  recipe, for crying out loud. Take a glass, fill it with rosemary ice cubes, enough gin to taste it, don't be cheap, and then bubbly fresh tonic water. You need the tonic to fight scurvy. There could be an outbreak any day.

Sometimes I chill my glasses, and I always add a splash of fresh lime juice and a wedge as a garnish.

I bet you forgot how good this tasted! Bottoms up.