Jul 16, 2013

The Fresh 20 Photo Shoot

We had an awesome time styling food for photographer Trent Lanz a couple of weeks ago. The photos will be used for Melissa Lanz’s meal planning service: The Fresh 20. This shoot focused on lunches; we’ve included some of the great photos we styled here.

The Fresh 20 is a meal planning service featuring simple, healthy, easy and homemade meals. Melissa creates meals based on seasonal ingredients and reflects correct portion sizes that follow basic healthy diet principles. 

The Fresh 20 gives complete shopping lists and step-by-step prep guides to reduce waste and save money. Meals are designed to use little special equipment, and are based on 20 basic pantry staples and 20 basic kitchen utensils. 

The reason Melissa created The Fresh 20 was the high cost of processed and take-out food, and the lack of inexpensive and healthy alternatives to feed her family. We can attest to that: we made dozens of the recipes for the photographs and we were impressed! 

Melissa Lanz

Trent Lanz