Apr 27, 2012

Dream Cookbook Class Accolade

So nice to get a letter of appreciation...makes it all worth it!

Dearest Denise,

You are a big-hearted person with a kind and magnetic persona, and have such wonderful stories to share and bring joy to so many.  I was honored and privileged to share some wine and cheese with you after the session.  Thank you for the time you spent with me both during and after the seminar.

I learned a lot and now have to remap my cookbook project.  The seminar was a good investment of time and money, and will save me a great deal of frustration and disappointment downstream.

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Apr 25, 2012

Anne Willan's Book Signing

Last week, I gave a cookbook launch party for my friend and legend, Anne Willan. If you don't know Anne Willan, shame on you. Go directly to Amazon and buy one of her cookbooks. She's not much of a twitter-kind-of-gal. She's only a brilliant author with fifty years of cooking behind her.

As I was introducing Anne to a packed room, I answered my own question about the state of cookbooks (and paper publishing in general). I looked down at my hardcopy of her latest book, The Cookbook Library, Four Centuries of Cooks, Writers and Recipes That Made The Modern Cookbook (University of California Press), I held back tears and thought, "Thank goodness I can hold this book in my hands, because it's a lifetime achievement and it deserves more than a keyboard. I want to fall asleep with it across my chest, and hold it again in the morning."

Cindie finishes centerpieces. Tiffany pops up unexpectedly. (All photos courtesy of Heather Gill)

Tiffany whipping cream and mascarpone to top Anne's Rich Seed Cake.

Making signs for the signing.


Rich Seed Cake from The Cookbook Library.

Setting up the bar.

Welcome sign.

From the left: Cindie, Denise, Tiffany, Anne, Elizabeth, Heather.

Guest Cindy with Elizabeth and Denise.

Anne was kept very busy signing copies of her book.

Apr 19, 2012

Denise On The Huffington Post: Cookbooks

I own at least one thousand cookbooks. I love each one I keep. I am sent at least thirty new cookbooks by authors, publishers and PR agents per year in the hopes that I will review their books. I usually don't because I know how much work goes into a cookbook, even the bad ones, and cookbooks are very personal to me. I think of cookbooks as friends. I make connections with the voice of the writer. I want to cook the food. I appraise the photos. If nothing hooks me about the book, I pass it on (some friends just discovered that the thoughtful present I gave them for their birthday was ... a freebie).

For crying out loud, didn't your mother teach you that it's the thought that counts? 

My dearest cookbooks have lasted longer than my first marriage. Truly, my current husband (who knew husbands were so fragile?) threatens divorce when he sees the packages in the mail.

"Tell me that is not another cookbook?!"

"Okay, I'll tell you it's not another cookbook."

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Apr 15, 2012

A Food Stylist's Kit

What's inside yours?

Ready to learn more about food styling? We have a wonderful workshops coming up! Singapore in May and Los Angeles in June!

Apr 13, 2012

How To Style Pancakes

To learn more, join us for one of our wonderful Food Styling Workshops, either in Singapore in May, or here in Los Angeles in June.

Miss Cindie's Food Styling Interview by Sublim Retouche

Sublime Retouche provides specialized high-quality photo retouching services to international professionals in the fields of advertising, fashion, cosmetics and entertainment. They were curious about the food styling (or "retouching") industry in America. Cindie shed some light.

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