Dec 29, 2011

Denise Talks Caring For Friends And Family With Food!

The Cindy Laverty Show is the only radio show dedicated to Care, which we find so refreshing and lovely to listen to. Denise joined Cindy just before Christmas to discuss entertaining as an expression of love rather than the stressful ordeal we can sometimes create.

Grab a warm mug of tea, your favorite blanket, and tuck in to listen to the show. It's not too late to make your New Year's celebration as fun for you as it is for your guests! Remember, the best hostess gets a little crazy at her own parties...

Click here and enjoy.

Dec 14, 2011

Calling All Caterers

Heather Gill Photography

I just got this sweet note from an up-and-coming caterer:

The 6th edition of ‘How to Start a Home-Based Catering Business’, which we have on Kindle, is chock full of updated suggestions for catering software.  If I had delved a little further I would have answered my own question.  

You’ve done a great job in describing the software; your analysis is very helpful.  The software tends to be on the expensive side though.  Totalpartyplanners even arranged for us to take part in a one-hour on-line tutorial of their software’s features using both the internet and the telephone.  The other customer on the line was in Alaska, which put us more than 5,000 miles apart!  It was professionally done and the software does everything you’d want for catering, and a lot more.  But it costs north of $1000.  

We decided to wait until our catering business is well-launched and to see in what direction it is going before investing that kind of money.  As you say, much cheaper solutions are available, and besides, much of what the automated software does can be done manually, the old fashioned way.  

We have our own state approved business license, but the big problem we’ve discovered is finding rental facilities in an approved kitchen or ‘commissary’.  In this down-turned economy they are in short supply.  Thanks for getting in touch with us again.

What tricks are caterers doing to make ends meet in this tricky economy? Are you investing in software? How about commercial kitchen space? Would love to hear your experience!