Jun 28, 2011

Denise Teaches How To Style Raw Vegan Dishes!

This August 30-31, Denise returns to the Living Light Culinary Institute to teach Food Styling for Photography, focusing on the raw vegan lifestyle that students and chefs have catered their culinary craft toward.  The class is suitable for both amateurs and seasoned chefs, and includes styling for print and online media to maximize marketing efforts.  The class will be team taught by Denise and Living Light Director Cherie Soria, author of The Raw Food Diet Revolution.

Click here to learn more and to register!

Jun 20, 2011

Bigger Picture


The day my latest entry was published on Huffington Post, I received this note that reminded me it's always good to share our experience. You never know who it might touch...

I had my first semi-panic attack today. Here I am enjoying my time with friends in Austria before going to Montpellier to start an internship.  I called my host mother to let her know I have to arrive a day early and would that be okay...?

She doesn't speak English at all....not a word!

So, between French, Spanish, and lots of panicked frantic searching in my phrase dictionary, I may or may not have gotten her to understand that I will be knocking on her door before my expected time.

I got off of the phone and thought,  "Oh SHIT! What have I gotten myself into!?!?" My heart was racing, I was trying to yoga breathe and find my elusive Zen spot. My friend came to talk to me about something and I just starting crying!  So yeah, I have been a bit freaked out today.  

And then your Huff Post article reached me through Facebook.
What a Blessing. It made me laugh, it is relelvant to my situation, and this-

TIP: Always keep your dream in front of you. Plan where (wear) you want to end up. Be comfortable and enjoy the road, even with the potholes. 
Gave me peace.


Glad I could help, doll. Just show up with booze and all will be forgiven. I've learned that lesson many times. OX

Jun 2, 2011

DIY Wedding Magazine Summer Issue On Sale Now!

The summer issue of DIY Weddings Magazine is on sale now. Denise and Cindie have a beautiful spread that details how to have an unforgettable picnic reception.  You can purchase a digital or hard copy here. If you are planning a summer wedding (or other special event), look no further!