Dec 30, 2009

Happy (Almost) New Year!

The Lord's Prayer Revisited

"I can't get away from my own need for introspection at this time of year. I try to ignore, bury and drink "great wine" to make the issues go away, but still I fail. At the end of every year, I want to evaluate me and my life. Whether it's a profit or loss statement, the reviews of my last book, or why I'm so perfectly imperfect, I'm looking for answers."

Click here to enjoy Denise's latest piece in the Huffington Post in it's entirety.

Dec 11, 2009

Dine In Diva Reviews Entertaining Encyclopedia

It's love at first site for Blog Mistress Mandy. The Dine-In Diva is making it happen in Akron, Ohio (Mandy was born in Cincinnati and has many a relative in Akron-Midwest blood runs deep in her veins-THAT's why she's so polite!).

The Diva has taken the time to review The Entertaining Encyclopedia as well as give our Zucchini Walnut Dip recipe a whirl.

Click here to enjoy her post!

Dec 9, 2009

Denise Talks Food Styling with Mark Tafoya

As our January Master Food Styling Class I approaches, there have been many questions from new students about the business of food styling, and rightly so!

Denise was a guest on New York personal chef Mark Tafoya's show, Remarkable Palate, way back in August 2008, which he has just revisited on his website. When we listened to it with fresh ears, we realized what a great resource it is to answer many of the questions that new stylists (or those who are food styling curious).

Click here to enjoy an in depth interview all about the food styling business with Denise, and of course, keep those questions coming. We hope to see you in San Francisco in the new year!