Apr 30, 2009

The Date Night Cookbook

We recently collaborated with Meredith Phillips, former star of The Bachelorette, to create The Date Night Cookbook. She has become a dear friend and as Spring arrives, some of her recipes popped into our little heads.

We are happy to report that Meredith is in a loving, non-televised relationship and when asked what the secret to their success was, Meredith replied "date night", and the book's concept was born.

Keeping the focus on quick, healthy (yet tasty) and easy menus, some of our favorites include a gorgeous salsa cruda, decadent pasta with cauliflower and pancetta and sassy tangerine margaritas. If you'd like a recipe, holla!

Apr 23, 2009

Cupcake Break

When you're hard at work on your Mac, and you're four, sometimes you need to take a moment and have a vanilla cupcake. Cindie made this one especially for our littlest member of the set. Somebody knows how to smile AND model product. When Mandy was four, she was potty trained.

Yes, the icing is the best part, so let's not mess about. Bliss.

What April 23rd Looked Like

We love to start the day of right when we're in Rancho Cucamonga (which is becoming so common, we are proposing that Motel 6 knock out a couple of walls and design a suite to hold our entourage). Our RCM ritual is breakfast at Zeke's Eatin' Place. As Denise says, "it's clean as a whistle and Judy is the hardest working waitress I've ever seen. And we're a big fan of breakfast meats."

We gathered our breakfasts for a group shot. Denise and Cindie were beyond their bacon obsession on the third consecutive day at Zeke's, and switched their dishes thusly.

Denise had a cheese and avocado omelet with hash browns and sourdough toast. She said the omelet was delicious and had every intention of not finishing the hash browns. Which she did not, although if she did, we wouldn't tell.

Cindie had french toast sans breakfast meats. It looked dense, eggy, buttery and scrumptious and she said it did not disappoint. Mandy had the "one-egg breakfast": one egg (I chose fried), hash browns (I chose the "light eater" portion) and sourdough toast. Nummy, although she wasn't all that hungry as she inhaled a giant burrito for dinner the night before. She figured she'd work it off.

Denise's genius lasagna "hero" plate.

What genius takes.

We had to capture Cindie's heavenly cherry pie with Denise's amazing triple Cool Whip dollop. Mandy was the natural choice to model the pie with her cherry apron. How domestic.

International Food Stars!

Apr 16, 2009


Here we are, jumping into this bloggy blog world. We are excited, we are confused, and we are ready to tell our tales...so hold on!

And now, a howdy do from our fearless leader, Denise Vivaldo:

Why we named our blog

I've been a food stylist for 20 years. That means I make food ready for the camera, any camera. Still, video, film -it doesn't matter. Cindie came to Food Fanatics as an Intern 10 years ago -she never left. She was a natural.

Los Angeles is a big media city -so, we work a lot. Like everyday.

From the outside -food styling looks like an easy "food" job. Not true. We make food and everyone else look good and it ain't always easy. We work with food manufacturers, pr firms, celebrity chef's, faux chef's, photographers, production companies, restaurants - we work for anyone or anything connected with food. It can be pretty amazing.

The idea behind this blog is to peek behind the kitchen door and see us at work. It's the good, the bag and often times, the ugly. Who mentioned Sandra Lee? Our goal it to provide a weekly update on what our strange lives are like.

Like cowgirls at a rodeo, we'll try to corral information to give to Mandy, our blog mistress. The universe sent us Mandy, otherwise we would never get this done. We are grateful.

Please see the picture above of Cindie's hands (photo courtesy of Heather Winter). Cindie was sorting through giant cans of cheap chili for our hero dish. This is the glamorous life we lead. The photo will be on their can. I've never eaten canned chili and can now say with utter confidence, will never do so. There are better ways to die.

And there you have it. Denise, Cindie and I hope you will join us on our culinary adventures. We don’t travel light, our dogs wear sweaters and as Denise always says, “that’s exactly right”.

Do It For Less! Weddings: How to Create Your Dream Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

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Do It for Less! Parties: Tricks of the Trade from Professional Caterers' Kitchens

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How to Start a Home-Based Catering Business

Are you passionate about parties? Do you live to cook? Now you can realize your dream of working from home at something you enjoy - a home-based catering business.

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